Monday, March 28, 2011

Chapter 3 B: Step 1 Part 2

After my interview I just went home and took in the view. And for the first time I'm not freaking out because I got my head start.

I decided to go further in the woods behind my soon to be house and the view was so beautiful I could not believe it! I got so excited I felt my ears start to twitch.

LOL I did'nt know your ears could twitch you wait until we find u a guy hehehe..

Shut it Blair!! I totally forgot she was there, but oh well I'm not alone.
So I made my way back. It just occurred to me that I have 1400 simoleons. Who hoo!!
Time to get me a few things.
But what do I get first?

Well why not get a bed? A toilet and a sink but you are going to have to shower at the pool or gym for a few days but if you want to make extra cash get a easel and start drawing.

Gaaah!!! public bathrooms!!!! I can't believe it.
Later in the night the first thing I got was the easel *sigh* I might as well start...and thats how I painted my first picture.
Hey!! Elfina  is that abstract? hehe

No Guardian...I will have you know Its the beautiful scenery I saw this evening and I doubt you can make something so beautiful.
I got so carried away I did not realize it was 12am already but the good thing is I did not have work until Tuesday morning. whew
I decided to freshen up a bit use the toilet and go to sleep under the beautiful night sky.

That night I tossed and turn a bit I was a dreamless night... I definatly will have to save towards a better bed because I'm gonna have back aches and I'm too young to be walking crooked.

The guardian watched while the elf slept, guarding her dreams and protecting her from all harm and hoping all will go well. But she realized she needed to fall into a meditative sleep before her charge woke up. Even though she was meditating no matter how deep she was she would always hear the cry of her charge if she needed her.

I felt the warmth of the sun on my face and woke up with a smile, I just thought to myself "you know Moira it's going to be a wonderful day.
I was almost done with my picture but I just felt the need to go to Champ Le Sims...I heard Its beautiful and the men are so fine(swoon). But champ le sims will have to wait until I can afford it.

(Stretches legs) thats not a bad picture at all nice going kid.

"You know Blair a masterpiece like that could only be done by me Moira the Great."
I finished my painting late monday evening. 
I didn't want it to get too late so I went to the local bistro to get some food and came back. 
I went to bed and for the first time since since I'm here I dreamed of money and lots of it, I gotta make more of it.
I even dreamed of potential mates...hmmm to think of it I gotta check out this town gallery. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chapter 3: Step 1 Getting The Job


My nice yet pain in the butt so called guardian was cracking jokes about me basically thinking she don't know how I'm going to survive.  I was looking on the bright side thinking and saying someone is there to guide me .  I decided to get to know the place abit but first things first, Blair said I should find a job but I don't know how or where to start and she said she would be there. All I have to do I call her name out loud or think it. But knowing me I'd rather do mentally, I don't want people to think I'm crazy. I already stand out with my appearance so why stand out more. So I decided to call.."
           Dang elfina I'm here, I'm just watching from the side....Oh for the job why not check the salon in town maybe you could get a job as a stylist. Maybe you'll find some one. Heh I'm a pain in your butt but you do need me huh....I thought so.
I decided not to snob Blair and get a move on with my life.  I called a cab and told him to drop me off at the nearest salon.
 I on my way to the salon I kinda took in the sights and thought to myself this place might not be so bad after all.
You know elfina I could have told you that you know, heh crazy elf.
Oh boy there you go with elfina again but I'll make an exception for you but no one else calls me that or else.
Yes O almighty elfina (skickers).
I got out of the cab and paid the driver, he looked at me like I'm some weird creature from outer space and I just turned my nose up at him and stepped in the salon. It was nicely decorated and busy, but when I saw their sense of style, I just thought man these people need serious help because if they don't the fashion police would lock them all up.
I saw a blond well dressed lady and she was not looking bad at all she was dressing semi-formal with Vanwatson on her name tag. I walked over to her and introduced myself to her.
Hi! I'm Moira Mckenna, I saw the "hiring sign" on the door and was wondering if you have space for me.
"well, well I have'nt seen you here before, are you new here?"
"yes, I just moved here"
"Alright then, I have one more slot left open but you gotta own your skills, here's a sheet read it and you know the skills required."

"so does that mean I get the job?"
Poor clueless elfina tsk tsk yes silly thats a yes you got the job or you will be.
"Hey I'm not silly."
"Moira dear are you talking to yourself, cuz if you are there is no place for insane people in this salon."
"Yes ma'am."
" here at 8:00am Tuesday, and don't be late, tardiness is not tolerated."
" yes."
"Way to go Moira you got the job :)."
Now that I got the job I was so excited. Home upgrade and better life here I come!

Now that Moira got her first job, Blair was happy because now she knew the ball was really rolling.The elders were pleased with the new guardian's work but in their hearts they knew one of the hardest tasks was coming soon, finding a mate for the young elf before it was too late.

Chapter 2: Legacy? What Legacy?

After two full hours of bickering, snobbishness and taunting our guardian finally decides to tell our little elven the real deal about why shes really here and why she has been given a guardian.
Meanwhile the elders were watching. They called for their seer Sara.
Sara can see the future. As Sara entered the chamber  she stood in front of the  elder he asked" Sara how will our young guardian fare in this challenge?."
Sara had a grave look on her face and said"Your guardian will face many challenges it will be a rocky road especially for her charge there is a Storm brewing."
The elders ask Sara how ill it end. Sara just told them that information she cannot disclose so they will have to watch and see.
As Sara went back her quarters, the elders began to watch again but they were wandering if the task given to Blair was too difficult but they had to have faith in their young guardian.

Blair:(how to start telling her about the legacy? oh well ill just spit it out, I've wasted too much precious time already) Moira... hey! are you paying attention to what I have to say?

Moira: huh? oh yeah I'm here was just thinking a bit. So what do you have to tell me? and it better be good.

Blair: Well first of all you my little elf are a part of a legacy. You are supposed to create your own...find your place and a purpose in life. Find a mate get married and have children. Please bear in mind that you must have a heir,seeing that you are a female the heir must be female. I know its alot but the reason I am here is to help you to accomplish all of this. I will be your guide from start to finish but  it will not be an easy road. 

Moira: (mentally freaking out) a legacy? and I'm supposed to start my life with nothing just a voice to my name?(just freaking perfect ) then go on a man hunt on this strange place.. hmmph.. how do I even know the men here are qualified enough to be with me..They all could be ugly for all I know and I don't wanna have any ugly babies so if I'm gonna have them I better find a beautiful man.

Blair: you know elfina you are so vein and its whats inside that counts and you will be spending your life with him. sigh....(oh boy i really got my work cut out for me... hehe since she's so full of her self I really hope those pointy ears of hers don't stop her from snagging mr right)oh and before you go man hunting find a job first. All right I guess Its time to make things happen and put my awesome match making skills to the test.

Chapter 1 C: The beginning

Moira stood there looking and thinking. A part of her knew she is supposed to be here but she shad no idea why or how she got to sunset valley, all she knew she woke up on this big ole lot then start hearing voices and the last time she checked she was not insane.
Blair : *sigh* slow down elfina you'll  give yourself a headache(and I'm already having one).

Moira: hey!! (pouting ) dont call me that (turns up nose) its Moira..hmmph If your gonna call me a name at least pick me a cute one.

Blair:(smirks) ok cough elfina cough...but on a more serious note i have something to tell you.. its about why you are here and why I am your guardian. (gets mischievous look) its to take you to another demention and leave you there to be trampled by the llamas. lol. by the way you look pale like you seen a ghost.

Moira: (freaking out) ahh!!!!!! ahhh!!!!!!!!! get me out of this thing!!!!! I-I don't even know the real reason i'm here and am scared of llamas, your there just there having fun scaring me(pouting and about to burst into tears) if I have a heart attack or a nervous break down it will be your fault.  How could you do such a thing to a lil cutie like me.

Blair:(laughing then smirks) You finish your rant there?and vein much.  Seen that you are on the neurotic side i'll be nice although I find your thoughts and you freaking out quite amusing. I think what I have to tell you might freak you out but don't worry, thats why I am here to help you along the way.

Moira: (calms down and smiles a bit) ok guardian although I can't see you i'll try to stay calm. I still find it odd that I can't see you but I hear you, for all I know you could be the leader of the llamas come to play tricks on me and maybe (getting ready to freak again) do the unspeakable...get a hold of yourself moira she or It still haven't told you what this all about yet. ok guardian speak(folds arm an taps foot on grass).
Blair: you know what with that attitude you got I have a great mind to leave you on your own.

Moira: you wouldn't dare!!!

Blair: Try me elfina.

So our guardian and our founder have quite an interesting relationship. She is very patient and cares a lot about her charge although the charge can be quite difficult at times but who said everything would be easy sailing.

Chapter 1B :Introduction

Guardian(blair): ( so this is sunset valley... hmm.. what the hell?! white and pink hair with pointy ears?! they gots to be kidding me.. I cant believe they gave me an elf thingy for my charge!. ok blair calm down you can do this.. just be nice to elfina and make your presence known to her).

Blair: hello little one...(I hope I scare  the llamas out of her hehe)

Moira: Aaaaah!!!!! Aaah!!!!! wah!!!! who-o is th-th-there?

Blair: (mission accomplished hehe) your guardian, (smirking) don't look to the sky because you cant see me and of course you know the sky cant talk. But worry not because you will be able to hear me. 

Moira: o-ok......(great now I have an invisible guardian.. as if i need guidance..)  hmmph.

Blair: (great a snobbish elf) hey!! I can hear your thoughts so dont you dare  turn your nose up at me elfina because I Can make this ride very unpleasant.

With that threat Moira pouts then agrees. 
Mean while the elders sat back with amusement on their faces as watch the story unfolds.

Chapter 1A :First Mission First Charge

ok guys there will be dialogue between Moira and the guardian. Moira will be in bold purple and the guardian( Blair) will in bold italic the rest will be in ordinary txt.

Blair snapped out of her meditative  trance  from the ringing in her ear. she rushed to the elders chamber.
Upon entering the elder chamber she was told that her charge will be at 15 Summer Hill Court, Sunset Valley.
   One of the things she was told is what ever the founder is the heir must be of the same gender and must have a family trait.
The young guardian was more frustrated with the task at hand than anything because as far as she was concerned it was gonna be a long road ahead and didn't know what to expect. What if her charge was a difficult one. If only she knew.
So everyone this really where it starts..Meet Moira Mckenna she is My adorable snobbish Founder and will be in for a ride in the ups and downs of her life as she finds love and brings in nest generation.
Her traits are:                 Sign:  Pisces                    Fav: Pancakes,Pop Music and Brown
Good sense of humor

Intro to the mckenna legacy

  Every few hundred years a new guardian is tasked with the chore by the elders to help a special charge create his or her own legacy making them the founder, find their place in life therefore helping the guardian understand the charge and offspring through generations. The words spoken by the elders were "Guard your charges young one who or whatever they may be, be they faeries, elves, witches or sims. Guide them."
Those were the words spoken to the young new guardian as she was about to leave the elders chambers.
    Here we have Blair the rookie guardian first time on the job who has no idea who her charge is. How will she help her charge especially when she is no ordinary sim.
     This will be our charge / founder MOIRA MCKENNA elven hybrid who has no idea why she is here of who she really is all she knows is that she is different.