Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chapter 5:The Meeting and a Makeover (Part B)

I could not believe I'll be seen Leighton tomorrow!!(squealing) I'm gonna give him the best make over ever!! 
"Wow elfina I can't remember the last time I've seen you so excited... By the way I left something for you at home you'll like it."
"Yeah!!" I wonder what could she have gotten me.. I hope its a roof over my head and I didn't know she could give me things.  Could she be holding out on me this entire time? If so she gotta answer to me.
(Smirking ) Ooohh I'm scared.
" You know elfina me giving you things is just a little perk which I cant use often once in a while and there are rules. I sold one of your paintings to get it."
"Oh ok."
When I saw the sketching table I was so excited, I couldn't sleep I just decided to spend the night preparing for Mr hunky's make over.

Man these people are crazy.. how will aprons be the next big hit?
"Moira? You know you cant put the dude in an apron right?"
"Not now Blair"
After sketching I could not believe how much time went by and Blair kept nagging, sometimes I wish she'd just disappear but then again I need her....I hope she did not hear that because she'll never let me live it down. 
"Moira you can't spent the night sketching you need to sleep so you be ready for Lee later."
" You know your are so annoying... gimme a break will yah?"
But then shes right I need to sleep I'm going to bed.

As I steped into the salon he was waiting.
I lead him to the make over station.  I just couldn't help but stare at his body it was just pure perfection. C'mon Moira get it together before he catches you ogling him.
As I stood there waiting for her, I could not believe how much I'm getting myself worked up over this girl. While I was internally bantering with myself, I heard the wind chimes, I was just hoping it was her I will definitely have to digg up the courage to ask her out.
The door flew open and the first thing that caught my attention was the piercing blue eyes.
I was in a daze. I didn't hear half of what she was saying but I agreed anyway then next thing I know I'm at the makeover station so I sorta stripped down and I could have sworn she was ogling me.
You know Lee you could be imagining it.
"So what would you like for your makeover?" 
"I'd like to have you" Lee what the heck are you doing?
"I um sorry.. I'd like a new everyday wear, athletic wear, formal wear,swimwear and a new pair of shoes?"
"oooook" Did he just say he want me?
I can't believe those two are falling in love and don't even know. I wonder if I should have some fun and let him know I'm there....hmmm...
"You know elfina I think you should ask him out soon seen you already did the make over.  and yes you heard right he wants you;)."
So I was right he wants me!!!!!
I just stood there like a dork staring at him.
Then the paid me smiled, and left. Today must be the best day for me in this boring little town.
Then the next think I know I was daydreaming then felt someone shaking me.