Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chapter 4:The Meeting (Part A)

 moira will be looking a little different
just a heads up leighton will be in Blue

I woke up with the sun shining in my face and my back felt a little stiff..(dang it I need to get a 
better bed). then all of a sudden I felt the vibration in my pocket.
"hello..Moira here"
"Moira Its Madison Vanwatson here, you have a 9Am at the salon with Mr Sekemoto, don't be late."
"Yes maam"
After the call I grabbed a bowl of serial n went to my bargain john to sit and eat.
Gaah!!!! Who are you?!!! What did you do my Moira!!
AHHH!!!!!  dammit Blair don't scare me like that and besides where have you been all this time? 

In the flesh..(smirking) who were u expecting to see? the Grim Reaper?
Are you sure? if you are prove it..Answer one question. Do you have a nickname and tell me what it is.(smirking)
Dang it Blair you are such a pain up a llamas butt!!
Yes I'm sure and my nick name is Elfina, there satisfied now.
Lol.. yes my little elf... just wanted to make sure.. 
No, but I had business with the elders...every few days I have to give them a report on our progress, and it turns out they are quite proud of us. 
By the way what have you been up to? new dress, hair color and did you put on weight?
(hehe) better cut down on those pancakes girl.

Well there's nothing a little make over cant fix.... after all I must remain as beautiful as always.
I'm gonna be late for my 9Am.
Ok you know elfina I think today is gonna be a very good day..
What do you know and not telling me... I demand you spit it out now..
Nope....not this time girlie you gotta get through the day and you'll see.
Where is this new stylist that I here people talking about...I have to go to work early if she's not here by 10 am leaving.
ummph... (is that really her? she looks strange like no other person I've seen and whats up with those ears... and those big beautiful blue eyes...snap out of it Lee you have Sam to think about.
"Oops sorry(blushes a bit) " 
I could not believe I just bumped into the most beautiful man  I've ever seen in my elfin life...and he's my client I hope I don't screw up cuz I haven't done the fashion research .
"Are you Leighton Sekemoto?" He's so gorgeous.
Told you something good was gonna happen and by the way he don't look so bad..atleast were on a role .
"shut up blair"
"yes am leighton and you must be my stylist.. err who are you talking to? I don't see anyone" I can't believe shes talking to herself and that irritated look on her face is quite adorable and those lips. ( christ lee get a hold of yourself).
"(turns beet red) no one..yes I'm Moira Mckenna."
"I just moved here two days ago and this is my first day on the job."

I didn't want to seem like a babbling idiot in front of this  Adonis.
But at the same time what if he's the only good looking one left? Besides I do want beautiful babies. Speaking of babies I wonder if he wants any, I wonder if he like pancakes.
You know elfina you're give us both a headache. Ask him already but while youre at it give him the make over already. (smirking) who knows what an come of all this day.
" Umm Leighton, can I ask you a question?"
She looks so adorable being shy.
"Err, sure ask away ."
"Are you single?"
Inside I was doing a happy dance. I cannot believe this,  I will devise a plan to make him mine.
Yeah!! go get em tiger.

Now that I'm looking at her directly she's beautiful. I hope she like pancakes and babies. Cuz I want lots and lots of them and grand kids.
I'm sure Sam wouldn't mins a sibling or two or may be three and I hope mom wont mind sitting them.
" You know I'm kinda running late for work, how bout another 9 am" Nice going lee.. way to charm a girl into another meeting.
" Yeah sure, no biggie" Whoo hoo I'm seeing mr  hunky tomorrow for a 9am date.
*Smirking* you know a 9am make over is not an ideal first date you know. Unless lady luck is really on your side hehe.... u better do your home work so you don't screw up girly.

" Hey Moira come closer"  She even smells wonderful, Like freshly cooked pancakes.
" Yeah," Is it me or is he trying to get close to me, oh well Its working.
" Words out that Susan Wainwright Is having and affair, she has been secretly seen this superstar actor that came from Bridgeport."
" (hand over mouth) ooooo really "
"Yeah and now her husband has finally caught up.. poor dude"
" Well he must not have been doing something right" oops too harsh.
" I mean poor guy"
"err..yeah, anyway I really gotta go, see you in the morning." Yeah way to go lee you got yourself a snob. I hope she has other good qualities but she so beautiful. I guess I will see more of her and i'll know.
Well well well, Its seems we have a match made in heaven, hehe the future is so bright...hmm I wonder if I need shades. 
The guardian felt so pleased with herself she could not wait to give the elders the next report. But we all know there's a storm brewing. 
How will our guardian fare in the next challenge? 
Let the wooing begin  and hopefully wedding plans.
This will be all until next time.


  1. Oh! This is great! I love the way you write this, looking forward to the next chapter. ;)