Monday, March 28, 2011

Chapter 3 B: Step 1 Part 2

After my interview I just went home and took in the view. And for the first time I'm not freaking out because I got my head start.

I decided to go further in the woods behind my soon to be house and the view was so beautiful I could not believe it! I got so excited I felt my ears start to twitch.

LOL I did'nt know your ears could twitch you wait until we find u a guy hehehe..

Shut it Blair!! I totally forgot she was there, but oh well I'm not alone.
So I made my way back. It just occurred to me that I have 1400 simoleons. Who hoo!!
Time to get me a few things.
But what do I get first?

Well why not get a bed? A toilet and a sink but you are going to have to shower at the pool or gym for a few days but if you want to make extra cash get a easel and start drawing.

Gaaah!!! public bathrooms!!!! I can't believe it.
Later in the night the first thing I got was the easel *sigh* I might as well start...and thats how I painted my first picture.
Hey!! Elfina  is that abstract? hehe

No Guardian...I will have you know Its the beautiful scenery I saw this evening and I doubt you can make something so beautiful.
I got so carried away I did not realize it was 12am already but the good thing is I did not have work until Tuesday morning. whew
I decided to freshen up a bit use the toilet and go to sleep under the beautiful night sky.

That night I tossed and turn a bit I was a dreamless night... I definatly will have to save towards a better bed because I'm gonna have back aches and I'm too young to be walking crooked.

The guardian watched while the elf slept, guarding her dreams and protecting her from all harm and hoping all will go well. But she realized she needed to fall into a meditative sleep before her charge woke up. Even though she was meditating no matter how deep she was she would always hear the cry of her charge if she needed her.

I felt the warmth of the sun on my face and woke up with a smile, I just thought to myself "you know Moira it's going to be a wonderful day.
I was almost done with my picture but I just felt the need to go to Champ Le Sims...I heard Its beautiful and the men are so fine(swoon). But champ le sims will have to wait until I can afford it.

(Stretches legs) thats not a bad picture at all nice going kid.

"You know Blair a masterpiece like that could only be done by me Moira the Great."
I finished my painting late monday evening. 
I didn't want it to get too late so I went to the local bistro to get some food and came back. 
I went to bed and for the first time since since I'm here I dreamed of money and lots of it, I gotta make more of it.
I even dreamed of potential mates...hmmm to think of it I gotta check out this town gallery.