Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chapter 1A :First Mission First Charge

ok guys there will be dialogue between Moira and the guardian. Moira will be in bold purple and the guardian( Blair) will in bold italic the rest will be in ordinary txt.

Blair snapped out of her meditative  trance  from the ringing in her ear. she rushed to the elders chamber.
Upon entering the elder chamber she was told that her charge will be at 15 Summer Hill Court, Sunset Valley.
   One of the things she was told is what ever the founder is the heir must be of the same gender and must have a family trait.
The young guardian was more frustrated with the task at hand than anything because as far as she was concerned it was gonna be a long road ahead and didn't know what to expect. What if her charge was a difficult one. If only she knew.
So everyone this really where it starts..Meet Moira Mckenna she is My adorable snobbish Founder and will be in for a ride in the ups and downs of her life as she finds love and brings in nest generation.
Her traits are:                 Sign:  Pisces                    Fav: Pancakes,Pop Music and Brown
Good sense of humor

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