Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chapter 2: Legacy? What Legacy?

After two full hours of bickering, snobbishness and taunting our guardian finally decides to tell our little elven the real deal about why shes really here and why she has been given a guardian.
Meanwhile the elders were watching. They called for their seer Sara.
Sara can see the future. As Sara entered the chamber  she stood in front of the  elder he asked" Sara how will our young guardian fare in this challenge?."
Sara had a grave look on her face and said"Your guardian will face many challenges it will be a rocky road especially for her charge there is a Storm brewing."
The elders ask Sara how ill it end. Sara just told them that information she cannot disclose so they will have to watch and see.
As Sara went back her quarters, the elders began to watch again but they were wandering if the task given to Blair was too difficult but they had to have faith in their young guardian.

Blair:(how to start telling her about the legacy? oh well ill just spit it out, I've wasted too much precious time already) Moira... hey! are you paying attention to what I have to say?

Moira: huh? oh yeah I'm here was just thinking a bit. So what do you have to tell me? and it better be good.

Blair: Well first of all you my little elf are a part of a legacy. You are supposed to create your own...find your place and a purpose in life. Find a mate get married and have children. Please bear in mind that you must have a heir,seeing that you are a female the heir must be female. I know its alot but the reason I am here is to help you to accomplish all of this. I will be your guide from start to finish but  it will not be an easy road. 

Moira: (mentally freaking out) a legacy? and I'm supposed to start my life with nothing just a voice to my name?(just freaking perfect ) then go on a man hunt on this strange place.. hmmph.. how do I even know the men here are qualified enough to be with me..They all could be ugly for all I know and I don't wanna have any ugly babies so if I'm gonna have them I better find a beautiful man.

Blair: you know elfina you are so vein and its whats inside that counts and you will be spending your life with him. sigh....(oh boy i really got my work cut out for me... hehe since she's so full of her self I really hope those pointy ears of hers don't stop her from snagging mr right)oh and before you go man hunting find a job first. All right I guess Its time to make things happen and put my awesome match making skills to the test.

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