Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chapter 1 C: The beginning

Moira stood there looking and thinking. A part of her knew she is supposed to be here but she shad no idea why or how she got to sunset valley, all she knew she woke up on this big ole lot then start hearing voices and the last time she checked she was not insane.
Blair : *sigh* slow down elfina you'll  give yourself a headache(and I'm already having one).

Moira: hey!! (pouting ) dont call me that (turns up nose) its Moira..hmmph If your gonna call me a name at least pick me a cute one.

Blair:(smirks) ok cough elfina cough...but on a more serious note i have something to tell you.. its about why you are here and why I am your guardian. (gets mischievous look) its to take you to another demention and leave you there to be trampled by the llamas. lol. by the way you look pale like you seen a ghost.

Moira: (freaking out) ahh!!!!!! ahhh!!!!!!!!! get me out of this thing!!!!! I-I don't even know the real reason i'm here and am scared of llamas, your there just there having fun scaring me(pouting and about to burst into tears) if I have a heart attack or a nervous break down it will be your fault.  How could you do such a thing to a lil cutie like me.

Blair:(laughing then smirks) You finish your rant there?and vein much.  Seen that you are on the neurotic side i'll be nice although I find your thoughts and you freaking out quite amusing. I think what I have to tell you might freak you out but don't worry, thats why I am here to help you along the way.

Moira: (calms down and smiles a bit) ok guardian although I can't see you i'll try to stay calm. I still find it odd that I can't see you but I hear you, for all I know you could be the leader of the llamas come to play tricks on me and maybe (getting ready to freak again) do the unspeakable...get a hold of yourself moira she or It still haven't told you what this all about yet. ok guardian speak(folds arm an taps foot on grass).
Blair: you know what with that attitude you got I have a great mind to leave you on your own.

Moira: you wouldn't dare!!!

Blair: Try me elfina.

So our guardian and our founder have quite an interesting relationship. She is very patient and cares a lot about her charge although the charge can be quite difficult at times but who said everything would be easy sailing.

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