Saturday, March 26, 2011

Intro to the mckenna legacy

  Every few hundred years a new guardian is tasked with the chore by the elders to help a special charge create his or her own legacy making them the founder, find their place in life therefore helping the guardian understand the charge and offspring through generations. The words spoken by the elders were "Guard your charges young one who or whatever they may be, be they faeries, elves, witches or sims. Guide them."
Those were the words spoken to the young new guardian as she was about to leave the elders chambers.
    Here we have Blair the rookie guardian first time on the job who has no idea who her charge is. How will she help her charge especially when she is no ordinary sim.
     This will be our charge / founder MOIRA MCKENNA elven hybrid who has no idea why she is here of who she really is all she knows is that she is different.

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