Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chapter 3: Step 1 Getting The Job


My nice yet pain in the butt so called guardian was cracking jokes about me basically thinking she don't know how I'm going to survive.  I was looking on the bright side thinking and saying someone is there to guide me .  I decided to get to know the place abit but first things first, Blair said I should find a job but I don't know how or where to start and she said she would be there. All I have to do I call her name out loud or think it. But knowing me I'd rather do mentally, I don't want people to think I'm crazy. I already stand out with my appearance so why stand out more. So I decided to call.."
           Dang elfina I'm here, I'm just watching from the side....Oh for the job why not check the salon in town maybe you could get a job as a stylist. Maybe you'll find some one. Heh I'm a pain in your butt but you do need me huh....I thought so.
I decided not to snob Blair and get a move on with my life.  I called a cab and told him to drop me off at the nearest salon.
 I on my way to the salon I kinda took in the sights and thought to myself this place might not be so bad after all.
You know elfina I could have told you that you know, heh crazy elf.
Oh boy there you go with elfina again but I'll make an exception for you but no one else calls me that or else.
Yes O almighty elfina (skickers).
I got out of the cab and paid the driver, he looked at me like I'm some weird creature from outer space and I just turned my nose up at him and stepped in the salon. It was nicely decorated and busy, but when I saw their sense of style, I just thought man these people need serious help because if they don't the fashion police would lock them all up.
I saw a blond well dressed lady and she was not looking bad at all she was dressing semi-formal with Vanwatson on her name tag. I walked over to her and introduced myself to her.
Hi! I'm Moira Mckenna, I saw the "hiring sign" on the door and was wondering if you have space for me.
"well, well I have'nt seen you here before, are you new here?"
"yes, I just moved here"
"Alright then, I have one more slot left open but you gotta own your skills, here's a sheet read it and you know the skills required."

"so does that mean I get the job?"
Poor clueless elfina tsk tsk yes silly thats a yes you got the job or you will be.
"Hey I'm not silly."
"Moira dear are you talking to yourself, cuz if you are there is no place for insane people in this salon."
"Yes ma'am."
" here at 8:00am Tuesday, and don't be late, tardiness is not tolerated."
" yes."
"Way to go Moira you got the job :)."
Now that I got the job I was so excited. Home upgrade and better life here I come!

Now that Moira got her first job, Blair was happy because now she knew the ball was really rolling.The elders were pleased with the new guardian's work but in their hearts they knew one of the hardest tasks was coming soon, finding a mate for the young elf before it was too late.


  1. Ooooh! Liking it! ;)
    I like the mysterious elders and stuff! Very enticing! :D

  2. u KNow I just mite join the rainbow legacy one day bt make my sims look a lil different rite after i finish this