Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chapter 1B :Introduction

Guardian(blair): ( so this is sunset valley... hmm.. what the hell?! white and pink hair with pointy ears?! they gots to be kidding me.. I cant believe they gave me an elf thingy for my charge!. ok blair calm down you can do this.. just be nice to elfina and make your presence known to her).

Blair: hello little one...(I hope I scare  the llamas out of her hehe)

Moira: Aaaaah!!!!! Aaah!!!!! wah!!!! who-o is th-th-there?

Blair: (mission accomplished hehe) your guardian, (smirking) don't look to the sky because you cant see me and of course you know the sky cant talk. But worry not because you will be able to hear me. 

Moira: o-ok......(great now I have an invisible guardian.. as if i need guidance..)  hmmph.

Blair: (great a snobbish elf) hey!! I can hear your thoughts so dont you dare  turn your nose up at me elfina because I Can make this ride very unpleasant.

With that threat Moira pouts then agrees. 
Mean while the elders sat back with amusement on their faces as watch the story unfolds.

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