Monday, April 25, 2011

Chapter 8: Party Invitation

I had a restless night, I could not get Yumi's story out of my head, and the  back pains didn't help.  I just knew  I was   gonna have a bad day and Blair  had  to   reportto her"elders".
As I stepped into the salon I saw Miss Wolf, My first client.
" Hello Miss wolf what can I do for you?"
"well you see my dear I need a new hairstyle and gown, Its Thorton's and I anniversary and we are going  somewhere fancy."
"ok sure no problem."
As I did Miss Thortons new look , I just had flashes of my life since I came to Sunset Valley.  In the midst of my inner thoughts my phone rang, luckily I was finished with my client.
My heart did i flilp I could not believe Leighton was on the next line.
"I'm having a formal dinner party at my place... um I'd really like it you came."
"yes I'd love to, I'l be there at 7.''
I look at the clock and it was around three o clock so I left. I went home got some food, and took a nap.
When I got up it was around five forty-five.
I hurried to the shower then got dress and called the cab. As I got into the cab the driver just kept staring at me.  It made me uncomfortable, within the next five minutes I was at my destination.
I wrang he doorbell and Leighton opened the door.  We stood there staring at each other for a good minures then we blushed and looked down.
" Hi?..."
"you look beautiful."
He lead me inside and the first thing I noticed was Paulina Wan. I didn't realise Lee was holding my hand until I saw the glare on her face was fixated on our joined hands.  I wonder whats her problem. In  that same instant I remember what Yumi told me about her wanting Lighton.
"Um would you like something to drink ?"
" yes please."
I stood there and watched as he made walked off to get my drink . then the next thing I knew Paulina Wan with her much too tight dress was infront of me in her much too tight dress.
" Oh so you are the reason Leighton does not call me any more, I can't believe he's ignoring me for a pointy ear freak like you."
I could not believ what I was hearing, but the good thing is he really liked me. The point where Paulina insults me is not going to go down well.
"Excues me, the last time I check you are Sunset Valley stop and so so you have no right to complain. I don't even see why Lee wanted you in the first place, I may have pointy ears but I proud of my heritage and I have something to offer Lee that you could never offer."
By the time I was done I had and audience. Lee stood there mouth open. I just walked to him took my drink and whispered in his ear.
I took his hand and lead him outside.
"Lee I'm sorry about your party."
He put his finger to my lips, it was so warm.
"I'm glad you came."
"You know I would like to hang out with you more often. How about tomorrow before I go to work say around one in the afternoon?"
"You know your mom told me about Paulina, I also know about your son Sam.  I'm sorry you had to go through all of that alone."
I saw a flicker of pain in his eyes, at the moment all I wanted to do was comfort him, just hold him in my arms.
"Thank you that is sweet of you, your just as sweet as pancakes."
Nice goin Lee real sweet with the lady. atleast she blushed.  I could not believe mom told her about my past.  I guess mom likes her becaus she always glares at paulina whenever she calles or comes over.
To think of it I never really felt anything for Paulina.
Moira is the real deal, she might be a little snobby but apart from that I love her.
Huh.. did i really say I love her?
I seems like she feels the same about me, I wonder what she has to offer me that Paulina can't.
Ohoh she caught me staring.
" Are you ok?"
"yes. I was just thinking about what you said back there to Paulina."
"Well I meant it."
" I like you alot and I think I'm falling for you."
Moira what the heck?! I can't believe I told him all of that and he looks stunned. I hope he says something fast because if does not I'm goin home.
I could not believe that she's falling in love with me. I think I better say someting before she starts to cry.
"Moira, you are the most beautiful girl I've seen so far inside and out.  I am not goin to fall for you."
I suddenly felt tears well up in my eyes, I have made a fool of myself. I stood ready to run off when I felt a hand grab my wrist.
When I looked I saw Lee staring at me. I felt the urge to scream at him.
"Moira I have fallen in love with you. you are all I dream about. If what you are feeling is real, I would want you to be my girlfriend and some day my one and only love."
When I saw the dejected look on her beautiful face I regretted what I said, I could not let her leave. After I finished telling her what I felt.  She smiled and my goodness It seemed like the moon just got brighter, she looked even more beautiful, I was stunned.
It's like all my pain from the past just washed away.  I saw my future right there in those big blue eyes of hers and felt the need to kiss her, to profess my love for her, to propose to her.  woah there boy slow down.
I stepped closer to her and I could have sworn her face glowed. I gently tilted her head up to mine and kissed her and it felt like the fireworks went off.
When I felt that kiss It was warm and deep and filled with love. The warmth spread through my entire body and my ears started to twitch that was when I noticed him staring with a smirk on his face   and  I  justblushed and willed them to stop but they did not, they were moving with the beat of my heart.
I kissed her and while holding her I saw her ears twitch.  Never in my life I seen that, this Moira Is something else but her ears are adorable.  I can imaging our children and grand children with her ears and eyes. I think I'll ask her to marry me tomorrow.
" Don't worry about those ears of yours, I love them and you."
" meet me at the park tomorrow i have something to ask."
"I'm gonna go now I got a ten o cloc in the morning."
Before I left i gave him a goodbye kiss called the cab and went home.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Chapter 7:Make over and a story

AN: I lost the pics of Yumis Sekemoto makeover the date and wedding:(

It has been my second week on the job. I have been busy sketching and painting and thinking of Leighton that I'm so contented that I don't worry about the roof over my head anymore. Its a good thing it doesn't rain here cuz been on the outside would not be fun. Its kinda strange though the perfect climate here hmmm.. oh well.

I did my normal routine which including painting for an hour or sketching then have a bite then went to bed.

   Then before I knew it the dreaded morning came when I had to head to the salon for my 9am with Miss Sekemoto.(or Yumi) (humph) old hag.

Now now my little elfina, that's how I taught you to behave, don't go and make over you future mother in law with that attitude.
Yeah whatever Blair.
Look don't worry it will be fine, you'll see. If you want me to intervein I will.
Thanks but no thanks.
I've been dragging my leg all morning, by the time I spun around I was time to go.
When I got to the salon she was there. She stood there for five mins staring me down.
Whats up with this lady.
"So I see you finally made it."
"Er yeah."  This woman is goin to make be nasty to her.
"By the way for this make over I would like a new athletic wear"
"I see the way you look at my son, he talks about you alot."
I could not believe that my heart was doing flips like the fish in the pond.
" Just so you know he has a son Sam, things didnt go well with my son and his mom, that ungrateful wench. All she did was use Leighton, made him this they were gonna start a life together and raise Sam. At the time just started his career with the "Llama Champs" they were gonna make my boy a star one day. :D Bless his gentle heart."
"Then one day Lee came home from work and found all her stuff missing  and a note on their bed saying she's gone to Al Sim Hara with  the so called new love she found."
I can never for forget the way  I heard him cry night after night.  He was sinking into depression slowly all he did was work because he ad to make sure Sam had a good life, but I know he could not do it on his own so I decided to help raise Sam while he worked and it has  always been so."
Oh my gosh I felt tears welling up in my eyes.  I hurried to wipe  them away.
" Um Miss Sekemoto I'm sorry about what happen to Lee. I don't know what it feels like to be that broken but I understand the feeling."
Moira that was not so bad was it? She's just overprotective but she'll warm up to you eventually, but you gotta move fast because I have a feeling that you are not the only one after him.
There's the Sunset valley stop and go paulina wan after him and he is too good to fall into her hands.
I could not believe all I was hearing. That was too much information.
After the makeover I was momentarily stunned. Then I heard someone calling me.
" Moira?"
"Yes ?"
"I know he's feeling something for you, thats why I told you this story, but if you ever hurt my boy You will regret the day you came to Sunset valley."
I thought I was about to passout.
"I have no intentions of hurting him but at the same time I will not allow him to hurt me."
I could not believe that woman was smirking at me.
"I see you got spine, the last one he brought home didnt have any. I like that"
After I finish my last client I just went home.
I decided to work on my painting and sketching because I needed the promotion I need a roof over my head.
Atleast you know why the woman was giving you the death glare. But anyway now little one get some sleep becaus who knows It might be a long day.
How do you know all of that about paulina wan and do you what is goin to happen next?
You know I can't telly you that.... Where will the fun be in that? Get some sleep .

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chapter 6: The First Encounter With Mother -Inlaw to be

I was shocked out of my skin only to find an old lady staring at me.
"um I'm sorry did you want a makeover?"
"Not today but I'm coming in tomorrow for 9am and I hope you have a clear head,"
I was stumped..she looked me up and down as if to size me up, hmm what the hell was that about?
"Ok but tell me your name ma'am"
"You may call me Miss Sekemoto and dont think I havnt been watching you eye balling my boy."
Huh? her boy? Then that would make me her daughter in law to be..I dont think she likes me though.
My my,why so blue my darling little elf?
I dont think Lee's mom likes me much.
Don't worry about it just do you 9am tomorrow,I'm sure talking to her will warm her up, besides she's just a little over proctective of her boy.
I left early just was'nt in the mood for more work just wanted to clear my head.

I just went home, I did'nt do much apart from eating and brood. 
For once Blair is not in my head.
Hey I heard that. But you should not be worried  there is a reason for this.
You know you should be thinking about your date with Lee tomorrow. Think happy thoughts and give mom a good make over and maybe if she's pleased she'll be nice.
Thanks Blair.
*smiles* Don't worry thats why I'm here. Night moira.
   After my little talk with Blair I did feel better so I went to bed and fell into a restless slumber.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chapter 5:The Meeting and a Makeover (Part B)

I could not believe I'll be seen Leighton tomorrow!!(squealing) I'm gonna give him the best make over ever!! 
"Wow elfina I can't remember the last time I've seen you so excited... By the way I left something for you at home you'll like it."
"Yeah!!" I wonder what could she have gotten me.. I hope its a roof over my head and I didn't know she could give me things.  Could she be holding out on me this entire time? If so she gotta answer to me.
(Smirking ) Ooohh I'm scared.
" You know elfina me giving you things is just a little perk which I cant use often once in a while and there are rules. I sold one of your paintings to get it."
"Oh ok."
When I saw the sketching table I was so excited, I couldn't sleep I just decided to spend the night preparing for Mr hunky's make over.

Man these people are crazy.. how will aprons be the next big hit?
"Moira? You know you cant put the dude in an apron right?"
"Not now Blair"
After sketching I could not believe how much time went by and Blair kept nagging, sometimes I wish she'd just disappear but then again I need her....I hope she did not hear that because she'll never let me live it down. 
"Moira you can't spent the night sketching you need to sleep so you be ready for Lee later."
" You know your are so annoying... gimme a break will yah?"
But then shes right I need to sleep I'm going to bed.

As I steped into the salon he was waiting.
I lead him to the make over station.  I just couldn't help but stare at his body it was just pure perfection. C'mon Moira get it together before he catches you ogling him.
As I stood there waiting for her, I could not believe how much I'm getting myself worked up over this girl. While I was internally bantering with myself, I heard the wind chimes, I was just hoping it was her I will definitely have to digg up the courage to ask her out.
The door flew open and the first thing that caught my attention was the piercing blue eyes.
I was in a daze. I didn't hear half of what she was saying but I agreed anyway then next thing I know I'm at the makeover station so I sorta stripped down and I could have sworn she was ogling me.
You know Lee you could be imagining it.
"So what would you like for your makeover?" 
"I'd like to have you" Lee what the heck are you doing?
"I um sorry.. I'd like a new everyday wear, athletic wear, formal wear,swimwear and a new pair of shoes?"
"oooook" Did he just say he want me?
I can't believe those two are falling in love and don't even know. I wonder if I should have some fun and let him know I'm there....hmmm...
"You know elfina I think you should ask him out soon seen you already did the make over.  and yes you heard right he wants you;)."
So I was right he wants me!!!!!
I just stood there like a dork staring at him.
Then the paid me smiled, and left. Today must be the best day for me in this boring little town.
Then the next think I know I was daydreaming then felt someone shaking me.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chapter 4:The Meeting (Part A)

 moira will be looking a little different
just a heads up leighton will be in Blue

I woke up with the sun shining in my face and my back felt a little stiff..(dang it I need to get a 
better bed). then all of a sudden I felt the vibration in my pocket.
"hello..Moira here"
"Moira Its Madison Vanwatson here, you have a 9Am at the salon with Mr Sekemoto, don't be late."
"Yes maam"
After the call I grabbed a bowl of serial n went to my bargain john to sit and eat.
Gaah!!!! Who are you?!!! What did you do my Moira!!
AHHH!!!!!  dammit Blair don't scare me like that and besides where have you been all this time? 

In the flesh..(smirking) who were u expecting to see? the Grim Reaper?
Are you sure? if you are prove it..Answer one question. Do you have a nickname and tell me what it is.(smirking)
Dang it Blair you are such a pain up a llamas butt!!
Yes I'm sure and my nick name is Elfina, there satisfied now.
Lol.. yes my little elf... just wanted to make sure.. 
No, but I had business with the elders...every few days I have to give them a report on our progress, and it turns out they are quite proud of us. 
By the way what have you been up to? new dress, hair color and did you put on weight?
(hehe) better cut down on those pancakes girl.

Well there's nothing a little make over cant fix.... after all I must remain as beautiful as always.
I'm gonna be late for my 9Am.
Ok you know elfina I think today is gonna be a very good day..
What do you know and not telling me... I demand you spit it out now..
Nope....not this time girlie you gotta get through the day and you'll see.
Where is this new stylist that I here people talking about...I have to go to work early if she's not here by 10 am leaving.
ummph... (is that really her? she looks strange like no other person I've seen and whats up with those ears... and those big beautiful blue eyes...snap out of it Lee you have Sam to think about.
"Oops sorry(blushes a bit) " 
I could not believe I just bumped into the most beautiful man  I've ever seen in my elfin life...and he's my client I hope I don't screw up cuz I haven't done the fashion research .
"Are you Leighton Sekemoto?" He's so gorgeous.
Told you something good was gonna happen and by the way he don't look so bad..atleast were on a role .
"shut up blair"
"yes am leighton and you must be my stylist.. err who are you talking to? I don't see anyone" I can't believe shes talking to herself and that irritated look on her face is quite adorable and those lips. ( christ lee get a hold of yourself).
"(turns beet red) no one..yes I'm Moira Mckenna."
"I just moved here two days ago and this is my first day on the job."

I didn't want to seem like a babbling idiot in front of this  Adonis.
But at the same time what if he's the only good looking one left? Besides I do want beautiful babies. Speaking of babies I wonder if he wants any, I wonder if he like pancakes.
You know elfina you're give us both a headache. Ask him already but while youre at it give him the make over already. (smirking) who knows what an come of all this day.
" Umm Leighton, can I ask you a question?"
She looks so adorable being shy.
"Err, sure ask away ."
"Are you single?"
Inside I was doing a happy dance. I cannot believe this,  I will devise a plan to make him mine.
Yeah!! go get em tiger.

Now that I'm looking at her directly she's beautiful. I hope she like pancakes and babies. Cuz I want lots and lots of them and grand kids.
I'm sure Sam wouldn't mins a sibling or two or may be three and I hope mom wont mind sitting them.
" You know I'm kinda running late for work, how bout another 9 am" Nice going lee.. way to charm a girl into another meeting.
" Yeah sure, no biggie" Whoo hoo I'm seeing mr  hunky tomorrow for a 9am date.
*Smirking* you know a 9am make over is not an ideal first date you know. Unless lady luck is really on your side hehe.... u better do your home work so you don't screw up girly.

" Hey Moira come closer"  She even smells wonderful, Like freshly cooked pancakes.
" Yeah," Is it me or is he trying to get close to me, oh well Its working.
" Words out that Susan Wainwright Is having and affair, she has been secretly seen this superstar actor that came from Bridgeport."
" (hand over mouth) ooooo really "
"Yeah and now her husband has finally caught up.. poor dude"
" Well he must not have been doing something right" oops too harsh.
" I mean poor guy"
"err..yeah, anyway I really gotta go, see you in the morning." Yeah way to go lee you got yourself a snob. I hope she has other good qualities but she so beautiful. I guess I will see more of her and i'll know.
Well well well, Its seems we have a match made in heaven, hehe the future is so bright...hmm I wonder if I need shades. 
The guardian felt so pleased with herself she could not wait to give the elders the next report. But we all know there's a storm brewing. 
How will our guardian fare in the next challenge? 
Let the wooing begin  and hopefully wedding plans.
This will be all until next time.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Chapter 3 B: Step 1 Part 2

After my interview I just went home and took in the view. And for the first time I'm not freaking out because I got my head start.

I decided to go further in the woods behind my soon to be house and the view was so beautiful I could not believe it! I got so excited I felt my ears start to twitch.

LOL I did'nt know your ears could twitch you wait until we find u a guy hehehe..

Shut it Blair!! I totally forgot she was there, but oh well I'm not alone.
So I made my way back. It just occurred to me that I have 1400 simoleons. Who hoo!!
Time to get me a few things.
But what do I get first?

Well why not get a bed? A toilet and a sink but you are going to have to shower at the pool or gym for a few days but if you want to make extra cash get a easel and start drawing.

Gaaah!!! public bathrooms!!!! I can't believe it.
Later in the night the first thing I got was the easel *sigh* I might as well start...and thats how I painted my first picture.
Hey!! Elfina  is that abstract? hehe

No Guardian...I will have you know Its the beautiful scenery I saw this evening and I doubt you can make something so beautiful.
I got so carried away I did not realize it was 12am already but the good thing is I did not have work until Tuesday morning. whew
I decided to freshen up a bit use the toilet and go to sleep under the beautiful night sky.

That night I tossed and turn a bit I was a dreamless night... I definatly will have to save towards a better bed because I'm gonna have back aches and I'm too young to be walking crooked.

The guardian watched while the elf slept, guarding her dreams and protecting her from all harm and hoping all will go well. But she realized she needed to fall into a meditative sleep before her charge woke up. Even though she was meditating no matter how deep she was she would always hear the cry of her charge if she needed her.

I felt the warmth of the sun on my face and woke up with a smile, I just thought to myself "you know Moira it's going to be a wonderful day.
I was almost done with my picture but I just felt the need to go to Champ Le Sims...I heard Its beautiful and the men are so fine(swoon). But champ le sims will have to wait until I can afford it.

(Stretches legs) thats not a bad picture at all nice going kid.

"You know Blair a masterpiece like that could only be done by me Moira the Great."
I finished my painting late monday evening. 
I didn't want it to get too late so I went to the local bistro to get some food and came back. 
I went to bed and for the first time since since I'm here I dreamed of money and lots of it, I gotta make more of it.
I even dreamed of potential mates...hmmm to think of it I gotta check out this town gallery. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chapter 3: Step 1 Getting The Job


My nice yet pain in the butt so called guardian was cracking jokes about me basically thinking she don't know how I'm going to survive.  I was looking on the bright side thinking and saying someone is there to guide me .  I decided to get to know the place abit but first things first, Blair said I should find a job but I don't know how or where to start and she said she would be there. All I have to do I call her name out loud or think it. But knowing me I'd rather do mentally, I don't want people to think I'm crazy. I already stand out with my appearance so why stand out more. So I decided to call.."
           Dang elfina I'm here, I'm just watching from the side....Oh for the job why not check the salon in town maybe you could get a job as a stylist. Maybe you'll find some one. Heh I'm a pain in your butt but you do need me huh....I thought so.
I decided not to snob Blair and get a move on with my life.  I called a cab and told him to drop me off at the nearest salon.
 I on my way to the salon I kinda took in the sights and thought to myself this place might not be so bad after all.
You know elfina I could have told you that you know, heh crazy elf.
Oh boy there you go with elfina again but I'll make an exception for you but no one else calls me that or else.
Yes O almighty elfina (skickers).
I got out of the cab and paid the driver, he looked at me like I'm some weird creature from outer space and I just turned my nose up at him and stepped in the salon. It was nicely decorated and busy, but when I saw their sense of style, I just thought man these people need serious help because if they don't the fashion police would lock them all up.
I saw a blond well dressed lady and she was not looking bad at all she was dressing semi-formal with Vanwatson on her name tag. I walked over to her and introduced myself to her.
Hi! I'm Moira Mckenna, I saw the "hiring sign" on the door and was wondering if you have space for me.
"well, well I have'nt seen you here before, are you new here?"
"yes, I just moved here"
"Alright then, I have one more slot left open but you gotta own your skills, here's a sheet read it and you know the skills required."

"so does that mean I get the job?"
Poor clueless elfina tsk tsk yes silly thats a yes you got the job or you will be.
"Hey I'm not silly."
"Moira dear are you talking to yourself, cuz if you are there is no place for insane people in this salon."
"Yes ma'am."
" here at 8:00am Tuesday, and don't be late, tardiness is not tolerated."
" yes."
"Way to go Moira you got the job :)."
Now that I got the job I was so excited. Home upgrade and better life here I come!

Now that Moira got her first job, Blair was happy because now she knew the ball was really rolling.The elders were pleased with the new guardian's work but in their hearts they knew one of the hardest tasks was coming soon, finding a mate for the young elf before it was too late.

Chapter 2: Legacy? What Legacy?

After two full hours of bickering, snobbishness and taunting our guardian finally decides to tell our little elven the real deal about why shes really here and why she has been given a guardian.
Meanwhile the elders were watching. They called for their seer Sara.
Sara can see the future. As Sara entered the chamber  she stood in front of the  elder he asked" Sara how will our young guardian fare in this challenge?."
Sara had a grave look on her face and said"Your guardian will face many challenges it will be a rocky road especially for her charge there is a Storm brewing."
The elders ask Sara how ill it end. Sara just told them that information she cannot disclose so they will have to watch and see.
As Sara went back her quarters, the elders began to watch again but they were wandering if the task given to Blair was too difficult but they had to have faith in their young guardian.

Blair:(how to start telling her about the legacy? oh well ill just spit it out, I've wasted too much precious time already) Moira... hey! are you paying attention to what I have to say?

Moira: huh? oh yeah I'm here was just thinking a bit. So what do you have to tell me? and it better be good.

Blair: Well first of all you my little elf are a part of a legacy. You are supposed to create your own...find your place and a purpose in life. Find a mate get married and have children. Please bear in mind that you must have a heir,seeing that you are a female the heir must be female. I know its alot but the reason I am here is to help you to accomplish all of this. I will be your guide from start to finish but  it will not be an easy road. 

Moira: (mentally freaking out) a legacy? and I'm supposed to start my life with nothing just a voice to my name?(just freaking perfect ) then go on a man hunt on this strange place.. hmmph.. how do I even know the men here are qualified enough to be with me..They all could be ugly for all I know and I don't wanna have any ugly babies so if I'm gonna have them I better find a beautiful man.

Blair: you know elfina you are so vein and its whats inside that counts and you will be spending your life with him. sigh....(oh boy i really got my work cut out for me... hehe since she's so full of her self I really hope those pointy ears of hers don't stop her from snagging mr right)oh and before you go man hunting find a job first. All right I guess Its time to make things happen and put my awesome match making skills to the test.

Chapter 1 C: The beginning

Moira stood there looking and thinking. A part of her knew she is supposed to be here but she shad no idea why or how she got to sunset valley, all she knew she woke up on this big ole lot then start hearing voices and the last time she checked she was not insane.
Blair : *sigh* slow down elfina you'll  give yourself a headache(and I'm already having one).

Moira: hey!! (pouting ) dont call me that (turns up nose) its Moira..hmmph If your gonna call me a name at least pick me a cute one.

Blair:(smirks) ok cough elfina cough...but on a more serious note i have something to tell you.. its about why you are here and why I am your guardian. (gets mischievous look) its to take you to another demention and leave you there to be trampled by the llamas. lol. by the way you look pale like you seen a ghost.

Moira: (freaking out) ahh!!!!!! ahhh!!!!!!!!! get me out of this thing!!!!! I-I don't even know the real reason i'm here and am scared of llamas, your there just there having fun scaring me(pouting and about to burst into tears) if I have a heart attack or a nervous break down it will be your fault.  How could you do such a thing to a lil cutie like me.

Blair:(laughing then smirks) You finish your rant there?and vein much.  Seen that you are on the neurotic side i'll be nice although I find your thoughts and you freaking out quite amusing. I think what I have to tell you might freak you out but don't worry, thats why I am here to help you along the way.

Moira: (calms down and smiles a bit) ok guardian although I can't see you i'll try to stay calm. I still find it odd that I can't see you but I hear you, for all I know you could be the leader of the llamas come to play tricks on me and maybe (getting ready to freak again) do the unspeakable...get a hold of yourself moira she or It still haven't told you what this all about yet. ok guardian speak(folds arm an taps foot on grass).
Blair: you know what with that attitude you got I have a great mind to leave you on your own.

Moira: you wouldn't dare!!!

Blair: Try me elfina.

So our guardian and our founder have quite an interesting relationship. She is very patient and cares a lot about her charge although the charge can be quite difficult at times but who said everything would be easy sailing.

Chapter 1B :Introduction

Guardian(blair): ( so this is sunset valley... hmm.. what the hell?! white and pink hair with pointy ears?! they gots to be kidding me.. I cant believe they gave me an elf thingy for my charge!. ok blair calm down you can do this.. just be nice to elfina and make your presence known to her).

Blair: hello little one...(I hope I scare  the llamas out of her hehe)

Moira: Aaaaah!!!!! Aaah!!!!! wah!!!! who-o is th-th-there?

Blair: (mission accomplished hehe) your guardian, (smirking) don't look to the sky because you cant see me and of course you know the sky cant talk. But worry not because you will be able to hear me. 

Moira: o-ok......(great now I have an invisible guardian.. as if i need guidance..)  hmmph.

Blair: (great a snobbish elf) hey!! I can hear your thoughts so dont you dare  turn your nose up at me elfina because I Can make this ride very unpleasant.

With that threat Moira pouts then agrees. 
Mean while the elders sat back with amusement on their faces as watch the story unfolds.

Chapter 1A :First Mission First Charge

ok guys there will be dialogue between Moira and the guardian. Moira will be in bold purple and the guardian( Blair) will in bold italic the rest will be in ordinary txt.

Blair snapped out of her meditative  trance  from the ringing in her ear. she rushed to the elders chamber.
Upon entering the elder chamber she was told that her charge will be at 15 Summer Hill Court, Sunset Valley.
   One of the things she was told is what ever the founder is the heir must be of the same gender and must have a family trait.
The young guardian was more frustrated with the task at hand than anything because as far as she was concerned it was gonna be a long road ahead and didn't know what to expect. What if her charge was a difficult one. If only she knew.
So everyone this really where it starts..Meet Moira Mckenna she is My adorable snobbish Founder and will be in for a ride in the ups and downs of her life as she finds love and brings in nest generation.
Her traits are:                 Sign:  Pisces                    Fav: Pancakes,Pop Music and Brown
Good sense of humor

Intro to the mckenna legacy

  Every few hundred years a new guardian is tasked with the chore by the elders to help a special charge create his or her own legacy making them the founder, find their place in life therefore helping the guardian understand the charge and offspring through generations. The words spoken by the elders were "Guard your charges young one who or whatever they may be, be they faeries, elves, witches or sims. Guide them."
Those were the words spoken to the young new guardian as she was about to leave the elders chambers.
    Here we have Blair the rookie guardian first time on the job who has no idea who her charge is. How will she help her charge especially when she is no ordinary sim.
     This will be our charge / founder MOIRA MCKENNA elven hybrid who has no idea why she is here of who she really is all she knows is that she is different.