Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chapter 6: The First Encounter With Mother -Inlaw to be

I was shocked out of my skin only to find an old lady staring at me.
"um I'm sorry did you want a makeover?"
"Not today but I'm coming in tomorrow for 9am and I hope you have a clear head,"
I was stumped..she looked me up and down as if to size me up, hmm what the hell was that about?
"Ok but tell me your name ma'am"
"You may call me Miss Sekemoto and dont think I havnt been watching you eye balling my boy."
Huh? her boy? Then that would make me her daughter in law to be..I dont think she likes me though.
My my,why so blue my darling little elf?
I dont think Lee's mom likes me much.
Don't worry about it just do you 9am tomorrow,I'm sure talking to her will warm her up, besides she's just a little over proctective of her boy.
I left early just was'nt in the mood for more work just wanted to clear my head.

I just went home, I did'nt do much apart from eating and brood. 
For once Blair is not in my head.
Hey I heard that. But you should not be worried  there is a reason for this.
You know you should be thinking about your date with Lee tomorrow. Think happy thoughts and give mom a good make over and maybe if she's pleased she'll be nice.
Thanks Blair.
*smiles* Don't worry thats why I'm here. Night moira.
   After my little talk with Blair I did feel better so I went to bed and fell into a restless slumber.


  1. I hope Lee's mum likes her in the end. Dinner with the family would be a bit awkward otherwise! :0

  2. yeah thanx bt now i got a lil problem for the next chapter there wil be no pics they sorta disappeared.