Friday, April 22, 2011

Chapter 7:Make over and a story

AN: I lost the pics of Yumis Sekemoto makeover the date and wedding:(

It has been my second week on the job. I have been busy sketching and painting and thinking of Leighton that I'm so contented that I don't worry about the roof over my head anymore. Its a good thing it doesn't rain here cuz been on the outside would not be fun. Its kinda strange though the perfect climate here hmmm.. oh well.

I did my normal routine which including painting for an hour or sketching then have a bite then went to bed.

   Then before I knew it the dreaded morning came when I had to head to the salon for my 9am with Miss Sekemoto.(or Yumi) (humph) old hag.

Now now my little elfina, that's how I taught you to behave, don't go and make over you future mother in law with that attitude.
Yeah whatever Blair.
Look don't worry it will be fine, you'll see. If you want me to intervein I will.
Thanks but no thanks.
I've been dragging my leg all morning, by the time I spun around I was time to go.
When I got to the salon she was there. She stood there for five mins staring me down.
Whats up with this lady.
"So I see you finally made it."
"Er yeah."  This woman is goin to make be nasty to her.
"By the way for this make over I would like a new athletic wear"
"I see the way you look at my son, he talks about you alot."
I could not believe that my heart was doing flips like the fish in the pond.
" Just so you know he has a son Sam, things didnt go well with my son and his mom, that ungrateful wench. All she did was use Leighton, made him this they were gonna start a life together and raise Sam. At the time just started his career with the "Llama Champs" they were gonna make my boy a star one day. :D Bless his gentle heart."
"Then one day Lee came home from work and found all her stuff missing  and a note on their bed saying she's gone to Al Sim Hara with  the so called new love she found."
I can never for forget the way  I heard him cry night after night.  He was sinking into depression slowly all he did was work because he ad to make sure Sam had a good life, but I know he could not do it on his own so I decided to help raise Sam while he worked and it has  always been so."
Oh my gosh I felt tears welling up in my eyes.  I hurried to wipe  them away.
" Um Miss Sekemoto I'm sorry about what happen to Lee. I don't know what it feels like to be that broken but I understand the feeling."
Moira that was not so bad was it? She's just overprotective but she'll warm up to you eventually, but you gotta move fast because I have a feeling that you are not the only one after him.
There's the Sunset valley stop and go paulina wan after him and he is too good to fall into her hands.
I could not believe all I was hearing. That was too much information.
After the makeover I was momentarily stunned. Then I heard someone calling me.
" Moira?"
"Yes ?"
"I know he's feeling something for you, thats why I told you this story, but if you ever hurt my boy You will regret the day you came to Sunset valley."
I thought I was about to passout.
"I have no intentions of hurting him but at the same time I will not allow him to hurt me."
I could not believe that woman was smirking at me.
"I see you got spine, the last one he brought home didnt have any. I like that"
After I finish my last client I just went home.
I decided to work on my painting and sketching because I needed the promotion I need a roof over my head.
Atleast you know why the woman was giving you the death glare. But anyway now little one get some sleep becaus who knows It might be a long day.
How do you know all of that about paulina wan and do you what is goin to happen next?
You know I can't telly you that.... Where will the fun be in that? Get some sleep .

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