Monday, April 25, 2011

Chapter 8: Party Invitation

I had a restless night, I could not get Yumi's story out of my head, and the  back pains didn't help.  I just knew  I was   gonna have a bad day and Blair  had  to   reportto her"elders".
As I stepped into the salon I saw Miss Wolf, My first client.
" Hello Miss wolf what can I do for you?"
"well you see my dear I need a new hairstyle and gown, Its Thorton's and I anniversary and we are going  somewhere fancy."
"ok sure no problem."
As I did Miss Thortons new look , I just had flashes of my life since I came to Sunset Valley.  In the midst of my inner thoughts my phone rang, luckily I was finished with my client.
My heart did i flilp I could not believe Leighton was on the next line.
"I'm having a formal dinner party at my place... um I'd really like it you came."
"yes I'd love to, I'l be there at 7.''
I look at the clock and it was around three o clock so I left. I went home got some food, and took a nap.
When I got up it was around five forty-five.
I hurried to the shower then got dress and called the cab. As I got into the cab the driver just kept staring at me.  It made me uncomfortable, within the next five minutes I was at my destination.
I wrang he doorbell and Leighton opened the door.  We stood there staring at each other for a good minures then we blushed and looked down.
" Hi?..."
"you look beautiful."
He lead me inside and the first thing I noticed was Paulina Wan. I didn't realise Lee was holding my hand until I saw the glare on her face was fixated on our joined hands.  I wonder whats her problem. In  that same instant I remember what Yumi told me about her wanting Lighton.
"Um would you like something to drink ?"
" yes please."
I stood there and watched as he made walked off to get my drink . then the next thing I knew Paulina Wan with her much too tight dress was infront of me in her much too tight dress.
" Oh so you are the reason Leighton does not call me any more, I can't believe he's ignoring me for a pointy ear freak like you."
I could not believ what I was hearing, but the good thing is he really liked me. The point where Paulina insults me is not going to go down well.
"Excues me, the last time I check you are Sunset Valley stop and so so you have no right to complain. I don't even see why Lee wanted you in the first place, I may have pointy ears but I proud of my heritage and I have something to offer Lee that you could never offer."
By the time I was done I had and audience. Lee stood there mouth open. I just walked to him took my drink and whispered in his ear.
I took his hand and lead him outside.
"Lee I'm sorry about your party."
He put his finger to my lips, it was so warm.
"I'm glad you came."
"You know I would like to hang out with you more often. How about tomorrow before I go to work say around one in the afternoon?"
"You know your mom told me about Paulina, I also know about your son Sam.  I'm sorry you had to go through all of that alone."
I saw a flicker of pain in his eyes, at the moment all I wanted to do was comfort him, just hold him in my arms.
"Thank you that is sweet of you, your just as sweet as pancakes."
Nice goin Lee real sweet with the lady. atleast she blushed.  I could not believe mom told her about my past.  I guess mom likes her becaus she always glares at paulina whenever she calles or comes over.
To think of it I never really felt anything for Paulina.
Moira is the real deal, she might be a little snobby but apart from that I love her.
Huh.. did i really say I love her?
I seems like she feels the same about me, I wonder what she has to offer me that Paulina can't.
Ohoh she caught me staring.
" Are you ok?"
"yes. I was just thinking about what you said back there to Paulina."
"Well I meant it."
" I like you alot and I think I'm falling for you."
Moira what the heck?! I can't believe I told him all of that and he looks stunned. I hope he says something fast because if does not I'm goin home.
I could not believe that she's falling in love with me. I think I better say someting before she starts to cry.
"Moira, you are the most beautiful girl I've seen so far inside and out.  I am not goin to fall for you."
I suddenly felt tears well up in my eyes, I have made a fool of myself. I stood ready to run off when I felt a hand grab my wrist.
When I looked I saw Lee staring at me. I felt the urge to scream at him.
"Moira I have fallen in love with you. you are all I dream about. If what you are feeling is real, I would want you to be my girlfriend and some day my one and only love."
When I saw the dejected look on her beautiful face I regretted what I said, I could not let her leave. After I finished telling her what I felt.  She smiled and my goodness It seemed like the moon just got brighter, she looked even more beautiful, I was stunned.
It's like all my pain from the past just washed away.  I saw my future right there in those big blue eyes of hers and felt the need to kiss her, to profess my love for her, to propose to her.  woah there boy slow down.
I stepped closer to her and I could have sworn her face glowed. I gently tilted her head up to mine and kissed her and it felt like the fireworks went off.
When I felt that kiss It was warm and deep and filled with love. The warmth spread through my entire body and my ears started to twitch that was when I noticed him staring with a smirk on his face   and  I  justblushed and willed them to stop but they did not, they were moving with the beat of my heart.
I kissed her and while holding her I saw her ears twitch.  Never in my life I seen that, this Moira Is something else but her ears are adorable.  I can imaging our children and grand children with her ears and eyes. I think I'll ask her to marry me tomorrow.
" Don't worry about those ears of yours, I love them and you."
" meet me at the park tomorrow i have something to ask."
"I'm gonna go now I got a ten o cloc in the morning."
Before I left i gave him a goodbye kiss called the cab and went home.


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